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From a couple whose friends donated bereavement meals:
From a friend recuperating from surgery:

Good morning! I just want to tell you how absolutely delicious our dinner was last night. I felt like we had picked up from the best Italian restaurant in the city. Everything was perfect and I haven’t enjoyed a meal like that in months. You are an amazing cook and a special friend. I can’t thank you enough for giving me something so wonderful to look forward to and finding it more delicious than I had even imagined. There’s enough left over for MY dinner tonight (I’m not sharing 😏) and the Israeli salad is my lunch today. Thank you, my sweet talented friend. 💗

Carolyn, I LOVED the meals you brought us from the poker group - everything was absolutely delicious! Thank you so much!  Is there any chance you would share the recipe for the Sherry Agave Vinaigrette Dressing? I’m craving it beyond belief!! I subscribed to your site, but here is my email in case you don’t mind. (Carolyn gladly shared the recipe.)

From a very satisfied client:

Carolyn’s passion for cooking comes through in every meal she delivers. It’s easy to order from her.  The Weekly menu choices are always healthy, innovative and provide good value for the money. I love that Carolyn is always happy to tailor her foods to meet my dietary constraints. As a family, we appreciate the convenience and consistent quality of Carolyn’s cooking. Thank you, Carolyn!

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